The Monthly Syn 10-21-12

Posted by synical_enigma on October 21, 2012 at 9:10 PM

VERY sorry for the late entry on the monthly syn. I was having some personal issues but they have all been resolved.

here is this months news!!!

Used games won't be banned, but will cost more.

Despite the chatter, Microsoft and Sony won't actually build systems that refuse to play previously owned games. To do so would alienate Gamestop, a critical retail partner, not to mention outrage the very consumers they're hoping will buy new consoles. Instead, expect to see one-time use codes in games even for single player, meaning people who buy used will have to pay more to "re-activate" those titles.

We won't see 'em all next year.

While the common assumption is that Microsoft and Sony will both bring their new systems to market around holiday 2013, it may turn out that only one company does so. Some analysts, including Wedbush Securities' Michael Pachter, don't expect to see at least one of the systems until 2014. That rings true with the launch pattern of the current systems: the Xbox 360 was released in November of 2005, while the PS3 arrived a full year later.

Nintendo will revolutionize online play.

Okay, so they didn't exactly set the world on fire with the lackluster online setup on the Wii. Nintendo has basically sat out of the online gaming race so far, but it has declared plans to change that this generation. Details about the Miiverse are still slim, but if there's one thing Nintendo does well, it's making us look at things in a different light -- and shifting the industry's paradigms. They might not create the best online gaming network, but they'll deliver a feature or two that will fundamentally change the way we look at online play.

Blu-ray will finally hit the big time.

DVD storage is on its way out, as it's simply too small for holding all the data in next-gen games. Expect Blu-ray drives in both the next Xbox and PlayStation (which, accordingly, will give it a bigger presence in the movie section of rental stores).

Backwards compatibility will be sacrificed

By now you no doubt own a burly game collection, but don't expect to play those old games on the new machines. It costs money to configure new consoles to play old games — and expenses are going to be high enough on next-gen systems. Ditching backward compatibility will cause a mild squawk at first, but ultimately we'll all get over it (if the new games are cool enough).

I know this is current news but i just thought I would fill in for the all gen gamers

Capcom is in consideration of remaking a Resident Evil 2 remake. I really hope this is true and comes out like the RE 1 remake on the GC. I hope they dont fu*k this up. sorry for the language but those who know me, knows I take Resident Evil seriously. PLEASE help show support for this remake here!

This months tips and tricks: Mickey Mouse: Castle Of Illusion for Sega Genesis

Toggle collision detection:

Hold A + B + C and press Start.Mickey may now fly through the air and pass through walls, opponents,and items. Note: Repeat this code to return to normal mode.

Extra lives:

Press Start at the end of a level, while thescore is calculated.

Maximum marbles:

Locate the bag of marbles at the end of Stage 2 inthe Toyland level. Take the bag and move to the right until theoriginal location of the bag scrolls off screen. Move back tothe left to find another bag in the same location. Take this bagand repeat the process to collect up to 30,000 points and 30 bagsof marbles.

Easy points:

Keep swinging on the vines in Stage 1 of Level 1 tocollect easy points and up to ten extra lives. Mickey is invinciblewhile he is on a vine.



As of right now I have gotton really good at COD: BO and currently playing Desert Strike for SNES and RE 3 for DC. What horror games are you guys playing this month?

Thanks for checking out this months blog e, even though its kind of late. As always, this has been Synical Enigma. Keeping it retro...90s style Have a great month bit-heads!

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Reply NESJohnny
5:07 PM on October 22, 2012 
Good stuff dude! Glad to have you back (I was getting a little worried). I'm certainly curious to see this next console generation--any personal speculation you feel like adding to that?
Reply synical_enigma
8:55 PM on October 26, 2012 
NESJohnny says...
Good stuff dude! Glad to have you back (I was getting a little worried). I'm certainly curious to see this next console generation--any personal speculation you feel like adding to that?

not at all except the fact that mostley everything is going digital which is kind of an upset for me personally. I think they should go back to cart-based games. this way there will be less damage done to the games.

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