The Monthly Syn 9-2-12

Posted by synical_enigma on September 2, 2012 at 4:55 PM

Hello to all my bit-heads out here at RRR! Got some bad news. for those who were looking forward for me to go to NA midwest meetup, I am unable to attend because lack of funds. But that will not stop me from trying. I have a been known to work my pimp skills at last minute hence CGE 2K12. I will keep u guys posted! now lets start this months news!

xbox live games coming to PC?

it was announced yesterday that there will be xbox live arcade games enabled for windows 8. which i really dont understand why. if you have a 360, then why would you want to play them on a PC? unless, your a PC gamer. here is a small list of games to come: two Angry Birds games, the episodic game Adrea, BlazBlue Calamity Trigger, Skulls of the Shogun, Fruit Ninja, and IloMilo. there are more but i am too lazy to list them lol. could this be a great move on microsofts part? who knows.

Killzone triple pack HD is coming

This was one of my Favorit games on PS. I still have yet to buy and play the 3rd game. When I do buy the HD pack, I will also get the gun for it. I really dont know if it is worth buying but I am getting it anyway. I will do a review on it ONLY if it is requested by you guys of course. I personally cant wait for this to come out. the set release dat is late october but, like always, may be changed. If your a Killzone fan like me, this is a must have.

Complete Final Fantasy collection coming soon?!?!

Thats right! I worded EVERYTHING correctly. It was announced 8/31/12 that this will be happening very soon! This will feature original PlayStation versions of Final Fantasy I, II, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, UMD of III, PS2 versions of X, XI, XII, PS3 version of XIII. This is the ULTIMATE must have for that final fantasy fan or RPG fan of any kind. This set will also have a video disc containing an anniversary celebration video montage, an art book called Crystal Artworks, a Final Fantasy XIV item code for in-game "mogu mogu" earrings, a mini replica of the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary visual logo drawn by Yoshitaka Amano, and a two-disc music CD featuring songs from the series. Release dat is December 18 in Japan, and no word weather it will be released here in NA or elsewhere. All we can do is hope for now. Why the hell cant they do this with Resident Evil??? I know they have a collection coming out, but most of the games are soft copies. I want the physical copies in my hands! even though I have them already lol. but i wouldnt even think about opening them.

Gamestop willing to go back to selling retro games???

on 8/30/12 it was said that they are considering selling retro games fron NES up to PS1. What does this mean? Cart only and Disc only copies of video games. SCREW THAT!!! This is what WILL RUIN retro game hunting. People will stop giving games to goodwill and thrift stores and start getting $2 a game at LameStop. This can not happen to us and is not fair to us because we all know what LameStop will do. OVERPRICE SH*T!!! I understand that were now living in a digital world and they need business, but I know they will overprice games to the f*cking MAX! I am upset about this for the fact that this will ruin game hunting until they go out of business. Yes, you got fle markets, swap meets, etc but they are mostly resellers. and at garage sales, they will start to overprice games as well. F*ck LameStop with all my black heart! They throw away cases and sell scratyched/lable torn games for overpriced sales. Not to mention they will cover the whole carts and disc with LameStop stickersw and promo stickers and w/e else. what do you guys think on this situation? PLZ comment below.

This months Tips n Tricks game will be Altered Beast for the Sega Genesis!

Continue game play:

After losing a life, hold A and tap Startuntil restarting at the last game location played.

Options menu:

Hold B and press Start at the title screen.An options menu will appear.

Level select:

Enable the "Options menu" code. Select alevel from the options menu and hold A + Start atthe title screen to begin game play at that location.

Beast select:

Hold A + B + C + Down/Leftand press Start at the title screen. A menu that allowsselection of the beast for each round will appear. Use the D-padto change beasts and Start to exit the menu.

Sound test:

Hold A + C + Up/Right and pressStart at the title screen.


This month in gaming history

I have lost my info containg this topic. I will find it for next month.


I have the Unoffical High score in Columns for the sega genesis 6-PAK. I scored 2,130,614 points on nromal difficulty. If it would have been on hard, I would have been placed in 2nd offically entering Twin Galaxies score board and gotton a certificate.

Ok guys that about sums this months SYN lol. As always, this has been Synical Enigma. Keeping it retro...90s style Have a great month bit-heads!

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Reply Psycho Gorilla
6:53 PM on September 2, 2012 
I would care more aboot gaymestop if I set foot in one, butt I don't. I'm sure they'll be charging $20 for SMB/Duck Hunt.

Then again, I used to think they were overpricing SNES cart-only games until the online price for several of them has tripled since then.
Reply NESJohnny
3:42 AM on September 25, 2012 
I didn't hear about GS possibly selling retro ... ugh. That's gotta be only one degree better than Hot Topic entering the market.

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