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Posted by synical_enigma on August 5, 2012 at 10:45 PM

ok, we made it to number 2! lol. Got some interesting news for you all.

Current News!

On July 20th, there was a movie theatre massacre that happened in aurora, CO durring a Batman movie. 12 people died and 59 were injured. Its very sad to hear about things like this. I mean if you think about it, it would be kool if it was done in a movie or comic etc, but not real life. R.I.P to all the people that fell that night. I hope the suspect rots for this!

Apple vs Samsung

Apperantly the reason for this is simularities of their cell phones. I personally could care less. its just another way of trying to rip off another company.

NEW Super Mario bros 2- 3DS

We are very close to the release date of this highly anticipated game for the Nintendo 3DS! I personally wanted to have this game but my 3DS got stolen while at band practice awhile back. But that still wont stop the Syn-Man from buying this game filled of golden epicness! Release date is August 19, 2012. Let me know if you plan on getting it :)

Playstation All-stars

Ok, there have been ALOT of people trash taling about PSA for quite some time now. I honestly don get the point on why they would. I truly think this game will be successfull. I just wish they released this back when the PS1 was out. would have been pretty awesome. I actually look forward to this coming out but wont buy it until they release a GOTY edition.

Nintendo in need of something new?

thats right! Nintendo is currently looking for some new franchises. What will they come up with next? hoping something mind blowing with the new Wii u coming up with its soon release. Would love to see some new adventure games nd survival horror. let me know what you want Nintendo to work on.

This month in Video Game History!

August 01, 1992 – Nintendo releases the Mario Paint video game and mouse controller for the Super NES in the USA.August 01, 1993 – Nintendo releases the Super Mario All-Stars video game for the Super NES in the US.August 01, 1995 – Command & Conquer released.August 01, 1998 – Rainbow Six released.

August 30, 2004 – Acclaim Entertainment files for Chapter 7 final bankuptcy, with debt over US$100 million.

Tips N Tricks

Todays TnT game is.....ToeJam and Earl

Almost all ship pieces:

Pause game play and press Up + A + B+ C, Right + A, Down + B, Left+ C. A sound will confirm correct code entry. All shippieces except for the final piece will be present when game playresumes. The final piece can be found on the next level played.

Secret level:

Collect an unused inner tube, Icarus wings, or rocketskates. Use one of those items on level 1 to cross the water inthe lower left corner of the map to reach an island. Take thetwo presents and fall into the hole in the center of the islandto reach a hidden level. Use the hot tub to be healed and thelemonade stand for an extra life. Leave this level by using anUnfall to return to level 1 or fall off the edge to return tothe highest level previously visited.

Secret island:

Collect an unused inner tube, Icarus wings, or rocketskates. Use one of those items on level 1 to cross the water inthe upper right corner of the map to reach an island with severalpresents. Use the Unfall available on this island to return.


Complete the game and go to Planet Funkotron. Followthe yellow brick road that leads to ToeJam's and Earl's parents'pad. Then, keep swimming to the south to eventually reach a mermaidon a small island.

Hint: Extra presents:

Approach Santa while he is looking in his bag. Do notmove when he looks up. Santa will drop two or three presents ifyou can reach him.



I have finally gotten passed world 5-4 in yoshies island. I have been waiting 13 years to do so. lol. Looooong time eh? I am currently on world 6-5 I believe now. And I also got to level 21 in Gauntlet II for NES. God this game is incredible. lol. I been having soo much fun on my nes and snes.

retro month

I am currently holding retro month this month. To find out more about this, please go to:

Alright guys, this has been Synical_Enigma with your monthly report! As always, Keeping it retro 90's style!

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